「入港規制」への対応(Port State Control)



Port State Control (PSC) is the inspection of foreign ships in national ports to verify that the condition of the ship and its equipment comply with the requirements of international regulations and that the ship is manned and operated in compliance with these rules. Many of IMO's most important technical conventions contain provisions for ships to be inspected when they visit foreign ports to ensure that they meet IMO requirements. In Japan there are hundreds of ship were detained after inspection. The experience has shown that the majority cases are imperfection or deficient of equipments such as oily water separator, hatch cover, emergency fire pump, resure boart or liferaft and navigation lights. In order to prevent such trouble, we have been keeping a close relationship with respective manufacturer and provide a quick parts supply to those vessel involved.

PSC是英文”PORT STATE CONTROL”的简称,表示港口国控制或港口国监督的意思,是指世界各国港口主管当局对抵达本港的外国籍船舶实施的,以确保船舶和人身安全、防止海洋污染为目的,以船舶技术状况和船舶配员为对象的专门检查。它既是对船旗国检查的补充和延伸,也是对船旗国政府在执行国际公约,维护海上人身和财产安全,保护海洋环境方面工作质量的检查与监督。

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